The district's most important pilgrim centre is located in an island just 7 km from Trichy. Srirangam, surrounded by the waters of river Kaveri on one side and its tributary kollidam on the other, is a 600 acre island-town enclosed within the seven walls of the gigantic Sri Rangaswami Temple.

There are 21 gopurams, among which the Rajagopuram is the largest in Asia. The 73m High 13- tiered Srirangam  gopuram was built in 1987 by agobila mutt and dominates the landscape for miles around, while the remaining 20 gopurams were built between the 14th and 17th centuries. This superb temple complex at Srirangam, is surrounded by seven concentric walls with 21 gopurams and is probably the largest place in south india. Most of it dates from the 14th to 17th centuries, and many people have had a hand in.its construction, including the Cheras, Pandyas, Cholas, Hoysalas and rulers from Vijayanagar.

The main Srirangam temple dedicated to deity Vishnu. Even Muslims are said to have prayed here after the fall of the Vijayangar Empire . Just past the shoe deposit is an information centre where you buy the ticket to climb the wall for a panoramic view of the entire complex. A Srirangam temple guide will unlock the gates and tell you what's what. There's also a small museum containing sculptures. An annual Car Festival is held here in January during which a decorated wooden chariot is pulled through the streets between various walls. ln mid-December, the vaikunda Ekadasi, or Paradise Festival will be celebrated in the Srirangam Temple.In india vaikunda Ekadasi or Paradise Festival will be celebrated in the all the Vishnu Temples.

Srirangam is the foremost among the 108 divyadesams (sacred shrines).

Ramanuja the great Philosopher saint and reformer streamlined the temple administration of Srirangam.

Is situated between the two rivers Kollidam and Cauvery.

Rama the Great worshipped Lord Ranganatha and gave it as a gift to Vibheeshanaa.

All the Azhwaars except Madhurakavi have sung in Praise of Lord Ranganatha in their sacred hymns (247).

Namperumal is the name of the Utsava Moorthy (Procession deity) and He adorns the Rathna- angi during Vaikunta Ekadasi.

Garuda brought the Sri Rangavimana from Sathyaloka to Ayodhya.

Alinaadan Thiruchutru (Built by Thirumangai Azhwaar) is the 4th Prakara (enclosure) among the Sapthaprakaras (7 enclosures) of Srirangam.

Many Kings of different dYnas- rvr ties buitt the various mandapas and sannidhis ,established endowments for conducting festivals

Srirangam Information
Telephone Code: +91-0431
Foreign Relation office: 2420217
Thasildar Srirangam : 2431185
Corporation Srirangam : 2436300
Srirangam RTO: 2231993
Srirangam Fire Station: 2432300

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